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Hi I called the Darwin office to speak with Jarrad Dadleh but was told he isn’t there anymore which was sad to hear, but want to send my best wishes to him. I wanted personally thank Jarrad for giving me the opportunity to work for him through labour hire and putting his trust in me to work for one of his major international clients in Yarrawonga NT the experience and knowledge I gained that has helped my career progress was priceless.

I wanted to apologies to Jarrad for how I left and ignoring all contact despite him genuinely being concerned about my wellbeing.
It’s not until recently when I’ve started looking for work and approaching recruitment agency’s again that’s made me realise how poorly recruiters and agency’s treat the job seekers with little to no respect, disposable, zero appreciation, rude and arrogant. That made me write this testimonial because I can honestly say that I never in my entire history of job search ever received a service like I experienced first hand provided by Jarrad & the team at All Aspects Recruitment in Darwin who not only make you feel valued, welcomed and comfortable but actually genuinely do everything they can to get people into work.
You never feel like a burden going to the office or calling, they make you feel confident, they think outside the box and give you great valuable advice and guidance, you get the honest truth, constructive criticism and priceless feedback no matter if it’s good or bad.

Thanks to the crappy horrible service that 90% of Recruitment Agency’s out there give, they have really made me stop, think and really acknowledge the appreciation and lasting memories I have for Jarrad Dadleh and entire Team at All Aspects Recruitment #1 Agency in Australia you guys have raised the standards way above the level majority of agency’s across Australia could ever dream of achieving! AAR IS THE BEST.

Thanks So Much to you all & Jarrad especially if he ever gets to read this. Take Care Team. A.Weiss from NSW
Date of Posting: 09 May 2019
Posted By: Aaron Weiss
Former Labour Hire Worker in Darwin, NSW
I have a young family and proud father of

a 3yo daughter. 2 years both my partner and myself we’re actively seeking work opportunities for myself around Adelaide registering with every Recruitment Agency and Job Active provider and getting nothing but the door slammed in my face every time because I had no drivers licence yet had this problem solved and made this clear it’s not a problem getting to and from work.

After 2 years we started to loose hope and my motivation and self esteem was very low after getting rejection after rejection my partner heard of great stories about Jarrad Dadleh in the NT helping Aboriginal people across Australia get work in just 1 day we had 1 conversation with him, sent my resume immediately after getting off the phone and within 2 hours he called back to say i have an interview scheduled in 2 days with a large employer working on a major project.

I was successful securing the job on a temp arrangement for 3 months that I was over the moon about but even more thrilled that I am now permanent and in a supervisor role with long term security for my family and in a job I really enjoy despite being the only Aboriginal worker onsite. I owe all of this to Jarrad Dadleh

It’s people like him who give Aboriginal people hope he is not judgemental, he is willing to give anyone a go no matter the persons past, he is honest, speaks the truth and has a great understanding of Aboriginal disadvantages.

He is a great advocate, mentor and absolutely #1 at what he does in recruitment and HR. I tried to call him and thank him but heard he no longer works for AAHR so thought I would write this as my appreciation to the work he has done with this company that has helped me at a time where no one else would.
Date of Posting: 21 January 2019
Posted By: Jeremy Bilney
Proud Aboriginal Employee in SA, Adelaide
I have been a shift worker most of my life but since becoming a father I needed something more stable and consistent.

All Aspects Recruitment were able to help me do this. I now have full time employment in a position I enjoy with an awesome team.

I cannot thank them enough for opening the door to a wonderful opportunity, not only professionally but personally as well.
Date of Posting: 19 December 2018
Posted By: Paul Messell
Family man, Darwin
All Aspects Recruitment have really helped me out in the past couple of months with applying for work.

I've just finished a short term contract with St John Ambulance Retail Outlet through All Aspects Recruitment which was an awesome experience.

They have a great team who keep in touch and continue to help with finding more work.

I highly recommend this Recruitment Agency and give a huge thanks to all the help I've received
Date of Posting: 12 December 2018
Posted By: Megan Duxfield
Young local Indigenous female, Darwin
Phong from All Aspects Recruitment helped me in getting prepared for the job interview and guided throughout the process. Excellent service and recommend it to any job seekers out there. Hope to work with you guys again for future prospects.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2018
Posted By: Nal Alahendra
Job seeker, Nakara
I was not happy in my previous job and seeking full-time employment back into my chosen career pathway, was a very simple and easy process through the consultant Phong, who was very hands on and chased up all the little things that would be time consuming, but also made my resume and cover letter spick speck and the first job I had an interview at after tailoring me applications to choose from, I am now in a fulltime position in a job i love. I highly recommend using - All Aspects Recruitment and even more so Phong Lam!!
Date of Posting: 27 November 2018
Posted By: John Kastellorizios
Young local male, Darwin
I had been seeking fulltime work for over a year when I was introduced to Janine and Phong at All Aspects. They found my partner and I fulltime work within weeks. They reconised our capabilities and did everything they could to help. We are now both working fulltime and couldnt have asked for a better outcome. I would highly recommend them to any job seeker.
Date of Posting: 23 November 2018
Posted By: Kayla Hoare
Janine and her team of dedicated professionals are some of the best people I have worked with. When I applied for a position advertised by All Aspects Recruitment, I was somewhat unsure of my prospects. Janine and her team took the time to go through my resume, spoke to me to give advice and tips, and that helped me to secure the perfect opportunity for me. She and her team has always stayed in touch to give me feedback and also listen if I had had anything to say. I would recommend them very highly! Great people and tremendous support is simply what they are about!
Date of Posting: 22 November 2018
Posted By: Zaki Farhan
Financial Accountant
I am career seeking mother of two young children, I applied for a position and Phong was taking care of the application.

He was prompt and always communicated with me through each step of the way, always answered my emails and calls.

With Phong's help, I actually got the position! I would recommend him to anyone!

A really nice, hard working individual!
Date of Posting: 22 November 2018
Posted By: Teagan Ndlovu
I had been job searching for about a year before i signed up with All Aspects Recruitment , Funny enough they contacted me after i posted on a job website on Facebook of all things!

In my year of unemployment i had signed up to multiple Job service providers that didn't respond or go out of their way to assist me with finding any employment.

After having a friendly coversation within a few short weeks i was able to get actual work as a part time driver while the All Aspects Recruitment Darwin team had been contacting and encouraging me to apply for various roles they had that would hopfully lead fulltime employment.

I just got the call a week ago, and yesterday I flew out to a remote Indigenous community for a two week trial and after my performance is evaluated I could very well be offered a fulltime job thanks to All Aspects Recruitment!
Date of Posting: 21 November 2018
Posted By: Tyron Lew-Fatt

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