The Privacy Of Our Clients Is Of Paramount Importance To Us.

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services will not sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information without your consent. It is our overriding privacy principle that any personal information you provide to us is just that: personal and private.

We do not presume that you are granting us permission to share your personal information with third parties wanting to sell you products or services that you have not requested.

For Security all payment sensitive data transmitted from our website is encrypted and protectrd by GeoTrust SSL, We use Eway for safe, secure payment processing.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we collect maintain and disclose information about our clients and employees. We subscribe to the principles of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (as amended 2006).

Both our internal policy and the Act may be amended from time to time as circumstances and legal requirements dictate.

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services privacy policy applies to only pages served from the URL

Information We Collect & How May Be Used

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services may collect and maintain certain information from our users for the purposes of billing, account authentication or supplying our newsletters, users will have the ability to stop this information being sent to them by changing settings in their account.

Any and all information collected is used only to provide products or services to our customers by management and staff. This may include some or all of Name, Address, Phone Number and Email Address. We may report this information to third party processors for the limited purpose of receiving payment. All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services does not store full credit card numbers or personal account numbers (PANs)

In order for us to fullfill our obligations to our customers we may on occasion need to provide information you supply us to external parties. Information provided to external parties is restricted to Name and Address details, and is only used to enable fficient processing of customer requirements.
The provisions of the Privacy Act restrict the collection of sensitive personal information such as racial, ethnic, political, religious sexual preferences, and we will never ask for this.

Disclosure Of Information Collected

We will not disclose any information unless:

Security Of Information Collected

All information collected is held on our secure servers, and unavailable to all but a limited number of internal staff. All reasonable steps will be taken to protect information from misuse, loss and unauthorised access modification and disclosure.
We will take reasonable steps to destroy information in a secure manner if it is no longer required by us, or it is requested that the information be destroyed. The exception to this is where legal obligations demand the retention of information.

Information We Store

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services will store information on users computers, such as ‘cookies’, when required by our system.
Cookies store data on user computers and are managed by the users internet browser.
All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services utilises cookies to offer a better service to the user.
If cookies are not available All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services will attempt to work without them.

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services cannot accept information from people under the age of 18 without the consent of a parent or guardian.

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services will cooperate with law enforcement agencies and legal investigations. All information will be kept private unless formally requested by law enforcement agencies.
Breaches Of Policy

Any perceived breaches of this policy will be investigated in a timely manner as soon as we become aware of an issue.
All complaints will be responded to within 14 days, with a 5 day target for response.
All justified complaints will be resolved.
We will maintain our high standards of performance, services and client care in every case.

Australian Government Privacy Act 1988

The details of the current Privacy Act can be read at the Commonwealth Law web site.

Contact Us

All Aspects Recruitment & HR Services values your input. If you would like to comment on this privacy policy please use our contact page here.